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This website is for those who are interested in African traditional rhythms and want to practice African drums, such as the djembe, dununs...
We introduce traditional djembe rhythms of West-Africa with MP3 files. We hope this website will help you get into the traditional rhythms more.

==Living Traditional Rhythms==
In West Africa, traditional music is still performed at various times, such as ceremonial functions, festivals and so on. In urban area, however, music arranged by dance and percussion groups prevails. Therefore, these rhythms are often different from traditional rhythms performed in rural villages.

We have to be careful about this point. Many years have passed since a lot of djembe rhythms were created. It seems that the rhythms changed while they were brought down from generation to generation and it's still going on now.

The rhythms we introduce on this website are just an example. There may be many other variations. You may think a rhythm on this website is WRONG, but please do not look for the truth. Don't bother with your dictionaries. A famous djembe player Yaya Diallo, says "Africans don't seek to know who is right and who is wrong."


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New rhythms Djabarawas added.

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