Traditional Ethnic Group: Temine
Border Region Guinea/ Sierra Leone

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

Want to learn more with notations ?
Notations for all the instruments are available.

Notations for Djole
Notations for Djole
Notation for all accompaniments
Price: US$0.99

About this rhythm
Djole is a very famous rhythm and played all over West Africa.
In the begining, it was a mask dance representing a woman.
The mask was worn by a man who dressed as a woman.
The rhythm was played square-shaped drum, siko.
Djole always was a great village festivity, where several villages got together and celebrate a big harvest, the end of Ramadan, or a wedding.

This is a famous song sung by a grand djembe master, Mamady Keita.

Lailaiko Korobe Korobe Korobe
Sikolaiko, Sikolaiko
Wawanko, Sikolaiko

The drummers are reunited for the celebration
Mamady is going to join them
For the celebration of the Siko drums
Let’s play our Siko drums!
Let’s begin the Siko party!

Solo Phrase Practice Kit (About this kit)
Want to learn solo phrase for this rhythm ?

Djole - Solo Phrase Practice Kit
Djole - Solo Phrase Practice Kit
Practice Kit for TonTinKAN original solo phrase
Price: US$5.99

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