Traditional Ethnic Group: Malinke
Northeast Guinea

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

Want to learn more with notations ?
Notations for all the instruments are available.

Notations for Kassa
Notations for Kassa
Notation for all accompaniments
Price: US$0.99

About this rhythm
Kassa is a harvest-dance. The word means granary.
During harvest-time the farmers go to the fields.
During the day, the drummers play Kassa to support the workers in the fields.
It is said, farming cannot be done without drummer’s rhythm support.
And the harvestry is shared with drummers as same as workers.

At the end of the harvest, they all have a celebration in the village, called Kassalodon. (“don” means “dance” in Malinke)

There is another custom related to the work in fields.
The prettiest girl in a village hangs her shawl on a stick at the end of the field.
The worker who reaches this shawl the first spends the night with the girl.
This meeting is not supposed to have a sexual character.

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