List of Rhythms

Name of Rhythm Brief meaning of the rhythm Free Download Original Solo
Abondan A rhythm played for king x
Baga Gine A song about a woman who couldn’t help but dance with the rhythm x
Balakulandjan Balakulandjan: a long legged bird bringing happiness and children x x
Denadon A welcome rhythm before the Mendiani festival x
Djabara A rhythm of greeting of guests of the village x
Djagbe A circle dance, performed by men and women together x
Djole A mask dance representing a woman by a man x x
Donaba Donaba means “great (woman) dancer” x
Dunungbe This is known as the oldest and important rhythm of Dununba family x x
Fankani Welcoming rhythm for important visitors to the village x
Gine Fare
Yogui is a mask of a young lady with firm breasts
Gine Fare literally means “Woman’s dance” in Susu
Kadan This is a dance for the bilakoros (non-circumcized children) x x
Kakilambe Kakilambe is an important mask which appears only once a year x x
Kassa Kassa is a harvest-dance. The word means granary x
Kassa Soro Kassa Soro has the same history and is played for the same reasons as Kassa x
Konden 1 Konden is a mask which dances (Wassolon region) x
Konden 2 Konden is a mask which dances (Kurussa region) x
Kuku Originally, Kuku was played when the women came back from fishing x
(Djelidon, Djelifoli, Lambamba, Sanja)
A rhythm for Djeli (Griot), West African poet. x
Mendiani Mendiani is a rhythm and a dance for the vergins, the young girls from age six to thirteen x
Moribayassa This rhythm is played exclusively for the joyful dance of a woman who has overcome a difficult situation x
N’Goron This rhythm was played after the initiation of the girls x
Sinte Celebration rhythm originally played by large krin, a cylinder-shaped wooden instrument x
Sofa Sofa means “warrior.” It was played to praise warriors for their success and bravery x
Soko This rhythm is played at announcement of circumcision x x
Soli des Manian This rhythm is played before the initiation for boys, as well as girls x
Soli Lent
(Soli slow)
The rhythm Soli accompanies the rituals of initiation and circumcision. x
Soli Rapide
(Soli fast)
The rhythm Soli accompanies the rituals of initiation and circumcision. x
Sorsornet Sorsornet is one of the masks which were seen as bringer of good luck and considered to be almost deities x
A popular rhythm played at all popular festivities x
Tiriba The rhythm is named after a great male dancer, Tiriba. x x
Toro This rhythm is played at a big fire in a camp, where children learn things to become an adult. x x

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