Baga Gine

Traditional Ethnic Group: Susu

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

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Notations for Baga Gine
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About this rhythm
Baga“: an ethnic group in northwest Guinea, “Gine“: woman.
“Baga Gine” literally means “Baga woman.”

There is a story; a baga woman hears music.
At first she didn’t want to dance, but since the music was so good that she couldn’t stand it any more and started to dance.

This is a song in the Susu language.

A boron ma? Ma boron ma? Eee!
A boron ma? Ma boron ma? Eee!
A boron ma? Ma boron ma?
E laila! Baga Gine
Fare boron ma woto kui! Eee!

Does she dance the dance?
Or does she not dance the dance?
Can you believe it!
The Baga woman even dances in the car!