Traditional Ethnic Group: Malinke
Kurussa Region

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

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About this rhythm
Bala“: sea, “Kulandjan“: a long legged bird.
There is a story about Balakulandjan.
Once upon a time, a Balakulandjan said to humans,
I fry in the air and hunt fish in the sea.
So I know things about the world.
And I tell you, Children are the most important thing in life.
Woman who do not bear children, you can ask for my help.
Bring hundred things – and I will help you.

This is a song to beg Balakulandjan for a child.

Balakulandjan! Den de ka fissa!
Keme ta iye n’so den na!
I ba keme ke den kelen sonko di.
Keme ta iye n’so den na!

Balakulandjan! A child is better than anything (in the world)!
Take a hundred (things) and give me a child!
I give a hundred as a gift to receive a child.
Take a hundred and give me a child!

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