Traditional Ethnic Group: Malinke
Northeast Guinea

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

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About this rhythm
Moribayassa is the name of a very old rhythm and dance.
The rhythm is played exclusively for the joyful dance of a woman who has overcome a difficult situation.

Moribayassa he Moribayassa,
Moribayassa “name” nada,
Moribayassa ka yassa ko,
Moribayassa ka yassa mu,
Moribayassa ka yassa don,
Moribayassa ka yassa fo.

Moribayassa he Moribayassa,
“name” has come to play the Moribayassa,
we have to wash the Moribayassa,
we have to dress the Moribayassa,
we have to dance the Moribayassa,
we have to play the Moribayassa.