Soli des Manian

Traditional Ethnic Group: Manian
Forest Guinea, Beyla and Kerouani Regions

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

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About this rhythm
The rhythm Soli accompanies the rituals of initiation and circumcision for boys, as well as girls.

Contrary to what one may observe in Conakry, in the countryside, one never hears the rhythm without the appropriate fundamental rituals.

Even though circumcision is often done in the hospital today, the rhythm still marks the transition to adulthood.

The change of rhythm from the slow to the fast part depends on which song is sung.

When the slow Soli(Soli Lent) is played, the old people may dance, too.

G’bengbe de n’ni ikana sisse taa! Koi ma aye waah
Ai ma aye? Donsolou, Ai ma aye waah

You, hawk, don’t you take your prey! Can’t you see it?
Did you see it? Hunters, can’t you see it?