Traditional Ethnic Group: Baga
West Guinea, Boke Region

Dunun Set
Dununba only
Kenkeni only
Sangban only

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About this rhythm
The mask, Sorsornet is one of the masks which were seen as bringer of good luck and considered to be almost deities.
When this mask is inside the village, the rhythm Sorsornet is played and the mask moves through the village.
Today, Sorsornet is also a popular rhythm to which men as well as women dance.

The song here is sung by young girls to gratitude to their mothers. It’s supposed to be sung in the moonlight.

M’baraka felenkoee, N’doro mamuna komna
M’baraka feleko n’gayo n’gaa, N’doro mamuna komna
N’tapelindoee, n’tapelindoee, n’tapelindoee zinezagona banganiee

Thank you mother, for giving me personality
Don’t worry, I will soon join my husband now